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Tias Kettle

by OS Tableware


The Tias Kettle is a specially designed coffee kettle made for producing steeped coffee, or "Kokekaffe" in Norwegian culture.  The Tias Kettle is safe to use on Ceramic, Gas, Induction, or Electric burners, and was created by Internationally renowned Norwegian designer Tias Eckhoff.  

Kokekaffe is one of the oldest brewing methods in Norwegian coffee culture.  It's referred to as "cowboy coffee" or "camp coffee" as it's the preferred brewing method when camping, or enjoying nature.  However the Tias Kettle is also currently used in some of the best coffee shops and Michelin Star Restaurants in the world.

The iconic design has proved to be timeless in its appearance.  Recently redesigned by renowned Nordic Industrial Designer Sigrid Ekhoff, and Coffee Icon Ola Brattas.

The unique Os Flow Restrictor prevents grounds from entering the cup and provides a more controllable pouring experience.  This allows for more oils to come through and produces some of the best coffee in the world. The restrictor is easy to remove for cleaning and is made from a highly durable and food proof plastic.