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Quality Products, Meaningful Purchases, Impactful Giving


KOSELIG or “KOS” for short is a Norwegian word that loosely translates to coziness and the good part of life.  It’s about being content, connected, and around those you love.  It’s about having a glass of wine by the fire, enjoying hot coffee on a cold morning, lighting a new candle, and enjoying life’s small indulgences. 

At KOS, we set out to create a company focused on making quality products that we are truly passionate about, while supporting charities and initiatives that help change our world.  We want our customers to feel good about their purchase, and to know that their purchase means something.  It’s more than just great coffee, wine, soaps, or candles.  It’s about the lives you are impacting through your purchase.  That’s why with each product sold, KOS will donate a portion of our profits directly to Non-Profit Organizations focused on Educational Initiatives, Neighborhood Revitalization, and Poverty alleviation around the world. We want you to enjoy your purchase knowing you are doing your part to make our world a better place.

KOS was founded on the desire to build a family business that is both meaningful and impactful.  We also wanted to set the example for our daughter Emma that giving back, and helping others is paramount in life.  Bridget and I both saw the need to create an E-Commerce company that provides customers with amazing products, and a memorable experience, all while creating awareness for charities, non-profits, and social issues that are important to us.  We chose the name KOSELIG, or “KOS” as it embodies our Norwegian heritage and the vibes we strive for.