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We believe that sustainability is paramount to the coffee industry, and that we need to do our part.  We pride ourselves on being a plastic free environment, and at the forefront of sustainability within our industry.


Please see all the sustainability practices we carefully follow:



We compost 100% of our coffee grounds from each KOS location.  Additionally, we compost all coffee filters and food scraps from each café.  Coffee grounds are extremely rich in C02 gasses, which when introduced to a landfill, can contribute to methane emissions.



In our café’s we encourage the use of our reusable cups, however should a customer need a “to-go” cup, we have environmentally friendly take away options for them to utilize.  All of our hot “to-go” cups are 100% compostable, and our cold cups are made of compostable corn plastic.  All of our hot sleeves, paper straws, and hot/cold lids are compostable as well!



All our retail, and wholesale coffee bags are CO2 Neutral.  Our partner (Dutch Coffee Pack) invests in CO2 reducing projects in coffee growing countries. 



We use eco-friendly poly mailers for the shipments of our coffee subscriptions, and single bag coffee orders.  These mailers are certified home compostable and made from plant based materials. 



All the boxes we use for larger retail, and wholesale orders are 100% recyclable cardboard.  These boxes are biodegradable, reusable, and renewable. 



It goes without saying that as a company, we are pretty big on recycling.  Every glass, cup, milk carton, cardboard, or aluminum can is carefully recycled. 



At KOS, we pride ourselves on roasting and providing our retail/wholesale customers with 100% transparency driven coffees. As a customer you deserve to know your farmer by name, and understand the price KOS paid that farmer for his/her coffee. By partnering directly with smaller producers, we can have a larger impact on their lives, and the lives of their families.  On average, we pay 200-400% higher prices for coffee than the current C-Price (commodity price) to these producers.  Additionally, by partnering with smaller producers, we can ensure our customers are constantly being provided a diverse, rare, and unique variety of coffees.



Our employees are the lifeblood of KOS.  Without them, we are nothing. We believe in higher than normal wages for Baristas, Roasters, and Coffee Professionals.  We believe benefits are a necessity…not a luxury, this is why all of our employees are offered benefits (Medical/Dental/Life/Vision/IRA).  Additionally, all employees receive unlimited coffee (while on the clock) and 50% off all food/retail/merch items. 

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